Engine Mounts

Replacement motor mount part information

Mount is the same as is used on a 1957 Chevy so should be available at most auto parts supply shops
"Anchor" brand part number 2123

Common issues

Heat from the exhaust pipes can cause premature failure of the passenger side motor mount. One method of preventing heat damage is to wrap the mount in insulation.

One owner has successfully used Thermo-Tec brand "Cool-It Mat" which is a sandwich of Mylar, fiberglass-like synthetic core, and an aluminum facing. Cut the mat so that it can be positioned to cover the rubber mount and the area immediately adjacent, weave two lengths of stainless wire through your custom shroud to pull it tight at top and bottom, and install. Take care not to short the battery during install and verify that the resulting product has sufficient clearance from the battery terminals & doesn't have loose ends that may short to the battery.

Detailed description of the motor mount heat shield modification process
Heat Shield Pic 1
Heat Shield Pic 2
Motor mount pic 1
Motor mount pic 2

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