Electrical Troubleshooting

Complete power loss when you crank the engine starter motor

Follow the standard "won't start" troubleshooting guide for any car. Keep in mind that it is possible that a failed battery may 'rest' at a healthy voltage level yet not have the capacity to deliver much current when you try to crank the starter. In that case you'll hit the starter button, observe a full loss of power (dash lights go off, fuel pump stops), and after a short period of time the battery may recover enough to light up the dash and power the fuel pump. I've seen two AGM batteries act this way so far.

Replacement battery info:

  • AGM batteries can be lighter and smaller than wet cells
  • A popular option is to just buy the same battery model that your car was using.
  • One owner has reported that he got 6 years out of this one: http://www.jetworks.net/kb35xc.htm(external link)
  • Be sure to measure the mounting plate if you switch battery models to verify that it'll fit